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Consumer And The Law is a unique initiative in India, launched by Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker, aimed to educate and empower consumers and provide legal support by posing queries before pertinent civic officials; representing affected groups and individuals at relevant fora; holding workshops and talks to help bridge differences; creating content by way of editorials and films to drive home the point and urge the authority to intervene and resolve; help provide targeted advocacy for niche causes.

Today, the buyer is empowered. With the recent Consumer Protection Act 2018 reaching benefits of consumerism to limits stretched beyond its earlier avatar, goods and service providers have a lot to care for now. No longer is the buyer going to be shortchanged. So, for consumers of goods and services the law provides for a host of benefits and redressal mechanisms.

Affected stakeholders with queries can:
- Follow on Twitter and tweet queries
- Join Facebook Group to participate in discussion on pertinent issues
- Like Facebook Page for the latest on laws, judgments, talks, workshops
- Join WhatsApp Group to interact, pose queries and get invites for talks
- Sign up to attend Legal Talks
- Seek appointment for consultation with Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker
Queries maybe addressed on the social media platform itself, through a Legal Talk or in the Legal Column.

Legal Column: Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker has been writing on Consumer issues and laws for over three decades in various publications across India. This includes The Times of IndiaTimes PropertyMid-DayAfternoon DC, etc. He generates legal commentaries, legal columns and analysis of latest judgments and rulings that are published across print and online fora. His regular Legal Column addresses the latest developments in laws, trends, concerns and queries posed by readers.
The latest Legal Column can be found here.

Legal Talks: Legal Talks are held regularly at The Chambers of Solicitor Gajanan Khergamker in Colaba, Mumbai to discuss pertinent issues. You could request a private group session on a specific subject or issue at your venue also.

Services Offered: For a detailed list of services offered, click here.

Who should benefit from Consumer And The Law?
Those who sell and avail goods and services from the following industries:
- FMCG Industry
- Food Industry
- Automobile Industry
- Electronics Industry
- Telecommunication Industry

- Banking Sector
- Insurance Sector
- Education Industry
- Health-Related Industry
- Travel Industry
- Railways Industry
- Transport Industry
- Hospitality Industry (Hotels and Restaurants)
- Packaged Goods Industry
- Shopping Malls and Grocery Stores
- Wellness Industry 
- Apparel and Footwear Industry
- Beauty and Cosmetics Industry
- Entertainment Industry (Cinemas, Multiplexes)
- Other Essential Services such as Petrol Pumps and Chemist Chains
- Lawyers representing the above

How does Consumer And The Law work?
- Registering formal complaints of the relevant party before the relevant industry association and fetching redress for the client and streamlining issues via media and by the law.

- Addressing relevant lacuna in the law pertaining to the pertinent industry. Like, taking up issues of anomaly in the Food industry with the FDA.

- Addressing issues of Deficiency in Goods and Services covered by the Consumer Protection Act 2018.

- Hosting regular talks, lectures, workshops for industry players with regard to the latest in law and precedent including discussions on latest judgement, its findings and how it affects others.