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Buyers have never had it so good. Today, thanks to an active Media and the Right To Information, the buyer is a very empowered creature. He is in no mood to buy whatever is doled out to him without asking the mandatory questions and more. To empower the buyer came in the red and green dots to indicate the vegetarian / non-vegetarian content; a table detailing ingredients; a breakup of carbohydrates, proteins, fat breakup and a detailed total calorie indicator too to boot.

Apart from that, the buyer is not taking anything at face value. If he is provided with a Maximum Retail Price (MRP) tag, he isn't inclined to pay anything in excess either. But that apart, the laws being well in place, at the grassroots level, things are a lot different. Shop-keepers continue to insist on 'cooling charges' even levy rates beyond and above the MRP. Restaurants, despite a civic rule to provide filtered water, continue to give plain tap-water to customers thereby placing public health at risk of disease. And then, despite being banned by the Food and Drug Administration, the use of carcinogenic additives, preservatives and colours continues unabated.

Through Consumer And The Law campaign, DraftCraft aims to educate, inform and advocate for collective good and provide legal support by way of drafting RTI applications, pose legal queries before pertinent civic officials, even represent affected groups and individuals at relevant fora; hold workshops, exhibitions and talks to help bridge differences; create content by way of editorials and films to drive home the point and urge the authority to intervene and resolve; help provide targeted advocacy for niche causes and Be The Change! A complete list of services provided by DraftCraft can be seen here.

Consumer And The Law brings on one platform the latest on consumer rights and related issues. News, legal issues, cases, state initiatives, consumer guidance are critically reviewed by legal counsel Gajanan Khergamker and Team DraftCraft to provide an unbiased and informed legal opinion.

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