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According to The Consumer Protection Act 2018, you are a consumer, if you have paid for goods and services (not for business); if you can prove the defect in goods purchased or deficiency in service availed; and/or if you have suffered a loss which can be quantified. Each time, one buys a soap, mobile phone, eats in a restaurant, pays a phone bill, travels by bus, train or airplane, avails the services of a doctor, engineer, chemist, physiotherapist, s/he qualifies as a buyer of goods or services and is covered under the Consumer Protection Act. DraftCraft provides a wide range of media-legal services to 'consumers' and 'sellers' of goods and services.

DraftCraft's Media-Legal Services are offered to:
- Buyers of goods of all types such as electronics, etc.
- Sellers of goods of all types. For example, shop-owners, store-owners, mall companies, arcade companies, multiplexes companies, etc.
- Buyer of services of all types
- Seller of services (paid services) such as restaurants, hotels, tourism-related companies; bus, train and flight services; cellphone, data and voice services; educational and health-related services.
- Consumers of essential service providers such as electricity, gas, transportation, security, etc. where consumers pay service fees
- Those related with all brands such as clothing lines and electronic brands
- Consumer associations and groups active in this area
- Professional services such as those of electricians, plumbers, painters, architect, engineer, physiotherapist, masseur, etc.

Deficiency of Services: Consumer And The Law addresses a wide range of issues that qualify as 'Deficiency of Services' under The Consumer Protection Act 2018 with the onus of providing service resting directly upon good seller or service provider.

- Consultation, Legal Discussions, Advisories
- Creating Legal Documentation for Goods and Service providers
- Representing Goods and Service Providers in Consumer Forum / Court / Relevant Authorities
- Representation in Court, Bargaining, Negotiations, Conciliation and Settlement
- Intervention for Consumer Forum (Advisory and/or Representation)
- Drafting Deeds and Documents, Issuance of Notices
- Contesting Membership in Society, Advocacy
- Conducting Audits to Ensure Compliance

- Initiating a Media Campaign
- Generating Content i.e. Articles, Columns, White Papers, Reports, Fact-sheets, Books
- Producing Short Films / Documentaries

- Conducting Workshops, Talks, Lectures, Sessions on various aspects of Consumer Protection Act 2018 for Goods and Service Provider, Buyers Associations, Sellers Association, Groups and other stakeholders.

To contact for any of the services listed above, send an email to or contact on 8080441593. Please note all services provided are chargeable.